‘App: The Human Story’ — Kickstarter Final Stretch

Speaking of Jed Hurt and Jake Schumacher and their documentary, their Kickstarter campaign is coming down the wire. They’re close to their funding goal, with just under three days to go as I type this.

I can’t say enough about how good this movie looks so far, what a pleasure it was to participate in it, and how glad I am that they’re making it. As Craig Hockenberry wrote:

By funding this project, you’re also giving your future self a rare gift. […] You’re going to look back at this time in your career fondly and wish you remembered more about it.”

It just feels like something that was meant to be. If you haven’t backed it yet, I really hope you do. If you’ve already backed it, consider increasing your pledge by a few bucks. They’ve added a few new reward tiers, so it’s worth taking another look. (Among the additional rewards are “cast commentary tracks”, of which I’ll be contributing one.) Or, just tell a few friends about the project and spread the word on Twitter.

Monday, 28 July 2014