Bizarro Insider

The Macalope, quoting Jay Yarow:

If there’s one thing that’s clear today it’s that Apple has been completely right in its smartphone strategy so far.

Oh! Oh! Gosh, if only someone had tried to tell Business Insider that for the past four years. What a tragedy. You know, there are those who engage in a destructive lifestyle and those who enable those who engage in a destructive lifestyle. Sure, the Macalope wrote possibly hundreds of columns telling Business Insider’s Yarow and Henry Blodget how wrong they were, but did he drive over to their houses and stage an intervention? No he did not.

Like I said the other day, it seems to be getting through everyone’s heads, finally, that Apple doesn’t need to pursue market share via low-cost iPhones. It’s reflected both in punditry such as Yarow’s Business Insider piece and in Apple’s stock price.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014