Vesper 2.002

Brent Simmons:

Vesper 2.002 adds a new feature — when you’re viewing a single note, tap at the bottom of the screen to see the date it was created. Tap again to see the modification date. Tap again to character or word count. (Character count if the note is short; word count if not short.)

I really like how this feature turned out. These were all oft-requested features — some people were asking for modified/creation dates, some for word count, some wanted both — but I was reluctant to add them, because it seemed like it would add a lot of visual clutter to include all these things, and didn’t seem right to add just one of them. Using one status field for all these fields, and allowing it to be blank, feels just right. It’s all there when you want it, but there’s no additional visual clutter when you don’t.

It’s small, but focusing so much attention on every little thing is what I love about working on Vesper.

Sunday, 10 August 2014