Apple Expands Leadership Page to Include Five Vice Presidents

Juli Clover, reporting for MacRumors:

Apple today updated its Apple Leadership press page to add the bios of five vice presidents, including Paul Deneve, Lisa Jackson, Joel Podolny, Johny Srouji, and Denise Young Smith.

The inclusion of several vice presidents on the executive team is a new move for the company, as the page previously only listed the company’s lineup of senior vice presidents.

Interesting on a few fronts. It significantly expands the diversity of this listing. You can see in Apple’s just-published company-wide diversity report that they have a significant number of women and non-white people in “leadership” positions, but that was not reflected on this public-facing senior leadership page.

Second, it shows where Tim Cook is placing new-found importance: the environment, human resources, and Apple University. Oh, and “special projects” — under the leadership of former Yves Saint Laurent CEO Paul Deneve. No idea what that could be about.

Friday, 15 August 2014