Far From Silicon Valley, Tech Industry Finds an Oracle | Reuters

From Noel Randewich’s July 2012 profile of Anand Shimpi for Reuters:

To make sure his reviews are ready in time for product launches, Shimpi pulls all-nighters and lays out his testing gear in hotel rooms during his frequent travels.

“If you put in an honest seven days of work - I’m not saying eight hours a day or less, I’m saying if you don’t sleep for a couple of nights, and that’s all you live and breathe and do - I think it’s possible to deliver a good review within that seven-day period,” Shimpi said.

“Anything less and you start making sacrifices.”

The first thing I do after publishing a review of a major new product is load up other reviews and see what they have to say; what they noticed that I overlooked. Shimpi’s iPhone and iPad reviews were usually the first ones I’d read. I even sat next to Anand during last year’s iPhone announcement.

I sure am curious to see what he’s going to be doing for Apple. It’s certainly Apple-like, but intriguing nonetheless, that he didn’t even mention Apple by name in his announcement that he was retiring from AnandTech. Also worth noting: former AnandTech writer Brian Klug left to join Apple earlier this year.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014