Joanna Stern Reviews the Moto 270

Joanna Stern:

And the problem for women like me, with thin wrists, is that the watch may sound small — 1.8 inches in diameter and just a half-inch thick — but it almost looks like I grabbed a clock off the wall and strapped it to my arm.

Of course, size wasn’t an issue for everyone who tried it on. It looked decent on my father’s medium-size wrist, and just right on my co-worker’s extra-large one.

Motorola says it is working on smaller versions, but that makes me concerned about battery life: Even this big, honking model had to be charged twice a day. Most days, after charging it overnight, I had to put it back on its wireless charging cradle by 4 p.m. If only the large black circle could also work as a sundial so I could still tell the time when the battery dies.

So it’s way too big for at least half the population and has to be charged twice a day.

Good luck.

Friday, 5 September 2014