Tweetbot 3.5: iPhone 6 Support, Interactive Notifications, and iOS 8 Extensions

Federico Viticci, MacStories:

From a visual perspective, Tweetbot 3.5 looks and works the same, keeping the foundation that Tapbots introduced with Tweetbot 3 last year. The app hasn’t changed considerably — it has evolved in expected ways and within the limitations imposed by Twitter’s API for third-party apps.

What’s changing today in Tweetbot is the action menu for tweets and links. With iOS 8, Tapbots has decided to fully embrace extensions (abandoning the custom contextual menu they had built for Tweetbot 3) by switching to Apple’s share sheet for action and share extensions. Every time you tap & hold a tweet/link or hit the share icon in your timeline or a web view, Tweetbot 3.5 will open the iOS 8 share sheet.

Great update to my most-used iPhone app.

Thursday, 2 October 2014