Analyst Claims Apple Will Consume 25 Percent of Worldwide DRAM Supply in 2015


Apple’s consumption of mobile DRAM will grow from the current 16.5 percent of the industry’s total production volume to 25 percent in 2015, as the California-based tech giant equips more smartphones, tablets and even notebook products with DRAM, said Avril Wu, Assistant Vice President of DRAMeXchange, a subsidiary of the Taiwan-based market intelligence firm TrendForce.

“Since Apple is already a major player in the mobile DRAM market, PC DRAM manufacturers will switch to mobile DRAM to meet the company’s demands,” said Wu. “This has indirectly caused supply shortages in the PC DRAM and server DRAM sectors.”

Take it with the usual recommended dose of Analyst Salt™, but that’s a rather astounding figure for a company that only makes mid- to high-end devices. (Via DF reader Ian Murren, who was speculating on Twitter today that perhaps the reason the iPhones 6 still only have 1 GB of RAM is that Apple is supply-constrained.)

Monday, 6 October 2014