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From Gareth Beavis’s iPhone 6 review for TechRadar:

The rest of the interface is much as expected for an iPhone — and that’s a good thing in the eyes of most users. However, I will say that the touchscreen on the iPhone 6 isn’t as good as the competition — it doesn’t feel as responsive as the Project Butter / Project Svelte (and subsequent evolutions) that Android has been adding into the backend of its platform.

The problem manifests itself when swiping laterally through apps, and the internet browser doesn’t always have that super smooth reaction that I’ve come to expect from a modern smartphone.

I’m being really picky here, as it’s not a nuisance, but at the same time it’s perceptible compared to the competition, although nothing out of the ordinary for your average Apple user.

Really? I don’t know what Android phones he’s using, but man, if Chrome on Android is smoother-scrolling than Safari, that’s really something.

Friday, 10 October 2014