You Can Now Search for Every Tweet Ever Sent in the Twitter App

Federico Viticci:

Right now, old tweets can be found in search by switching to the All tab of the Twitter app, and Twitter supports a basic syntax to filter down tweets for users and dates. I was able to use two different search operators for usernames and dates:

  • from:username — load all tweets sent from a user;
  • since:2009-04-20 until:2009-04-21 — load tweets from specific days.

Search operators can be used in the Twitter app and combined with hashtags and text to look more precisely in search results and find a tweet you’re looking for. You can even save advanced searches you come up with and reuse them at any time. And this makes for a convenient way to delete old tweets as well: find the tweet, and use the Delete button in the app to remove it.

What a great feature, and great technical achievement. The entire Twitter archive must be incomprehensibly big.

(Sure would be cool if Twitter made this available to third-party clients.)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014