Smells Like Vectory

This afternoon is the Layer Tennis Season 4 Championship: Kelli Anderson vs. James White. Yours truly will be doing match commentary. From my intro:

Here’s the thing: Layer Tennis is grueling. It’s really hard to come up with clever ideas on the spot — and not just once, but five times over the course of an afternoon. Then players have to implement each idea in just 15 minutes. But they don’t really have 15 minutes, because they squander some chunk of their allotted time for each volley willing the clever idea into existence. And no matter how crummy the idea, no matter how rushed the execution, when the time comes — and it comes quickly — the result goes public, for the world to see.

In the midst of a match, watching the players grind it out, I sometimes wonder why anyone is willing to play this game.

But then I peruse the archives. The sweet, wonderful Layer Tennis archives. Good Layer Tennis matches can be beautiful, funny, surprising, poignant. The great ones are art. That is why we play.

Wrap up your workweek and grab some tasty beverages.

Friday, 5 December 2014