Huge Sensationalist Says Something Ignorant

Dan Lyons, settling in at his new gig at Valleywag:

The main thing to know about passionate Apple bloggers and podcasters like Marco Arment is that Rule Number 1 is that you never say anything bad about Apple. That’s why today the world of Apple lovers has been shaken to the core — because Marco Arment has violated the prime directive, and declared that Apple’s software, well, kind of blows.

What planet is Dan Lyons from? Marco Arment complains about Apple all the fucking time. So do his ATP co-hosts, John Siracusa and Casey Liss. Siracusa complains so much that his previous (and much-beloved) podcast was named “Hypercritical”.

The difference is not between those who write critically of Apple and those who don’t. The difference is between those whose criticism of Apple is reasoned, thoughtful, and accurate, and those whose criticism of Apple is hyperbolic bullshit.

I don’t agree with Marco’s piece entirely — more on that later — but it’s resonating because he’s largely correct, and it’s an important argument. I think Lyons knows this, and he chose to frame it his way (“fanblogger”?) deliberately because trolling is his (and Valleywag’s) game. But that shows a deep disrespect for his readers. And if he doesn’t know this — if he honestly believes that “Rule Number 1 is that you never say anything bad about Apple” — man, he’s got rocks rolling around between his ears.

Monday, 5 January 2015