The 12-Inch MacBook Air Is the New iPhone 5C

I’m linking here to a Rene Ritchie piece from two years ago, nine months before the iPhone 5C was unveiled. Throughout the year there was a drumbeat of rumors that Apple had two new iPhones in the pipeline: a new high-end model to replace the iPhone 5, and a plastic-bodied new model.

The way a lot of people — tech writers and business analysts alike — looked at that situation like this:

  • It was finally possible to make a modern touchscreen phone at very low prices.
  • All other handset makers (than Apple) were doing so.
  • That meant Android was gaining market share against iOS among people spending, say, $100 for the phone on pre-paid accounts.
  • Thus, the new plastic iPhone must be Apple’s entry into that market.

It wasn’t. The “cheap” iPhone 5C cost over $500 unlocked.

That’s exactly the same pattern I see with The Verge’s take on the purportedly upcoming 12-inch MacBook Air. They’re looking at Apple as though Apple is a typical laptop maker.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015