Leaked Photos of Samsung Galaxy S6 Look a Lot Like iPhone 6

Lisa Eadicicco, writing for Business Insider:

French blog Nowhereelse.fr, which leaked several photos of the iPhone 6 that turned out to be accurate before its launch, has posted a set of images that supposedly show the Galaxy S6’s metal chassis.

If you look at the frame’s edges in the photo shown below, you’ll notice they’re slightly rounded just like that of the iPhone 6.

At the same time, sources to The Korea Times say the Galaxy S6 will “look a lot like Apple’s iPhone 6.”

Leaked photos certainly aren’t reliable, but this makes sense. Samsung rose to prominence with their iPhone-lookalike early Galaxy S models. Apple sued them and was awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in penalties. But then, as Samsung’s designs have diverged from Apple’s, Samsung has faltered in the market. So back to what worked before: copying Apple shamelessly and accepting the eventual legal losses and the public perception that Samsung is a blatant copycat as a cost of doing business.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015