Wishful Thinking

Jamie Ware Billett:

So he laid out his expectations which were largely not met, but he doesn’t want to give up on those expectation yet, so he’s hoping for another big reveal closer to the time of sale. Is Apple going to have another event for Apple Watch, where they will invite all the press back and say, “Ah ha, this watch is actually a million times more incredible than we pretended back in September. Let us show you all the amazing things it can actually do.” That seems unlikely to me.

I do expect another press event before they release Apple Watch. I do not expect anything new that will be “a million times more incredible than we pretended in September”. I just expect to learn more details. More little things. More nuance. I’m far from convinced that I’m going to find Apple Watch useful. I’m convinced more by Apple’s public and private confidence in it than by what they’ve revealed so far.

Thursday, 12 February 2015