The App Store and Pinterest, Sitting in a Tree


Now if you’re on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll see another kind of Pin: app Pins. Let’s say you’re Pinning workout inspiration to your Marathon Training board. If you see a fitness app that helps you reach your goals, you can download it right from Pinterest.

When you come across an app Pin, tap Install to download the app right to your iPhone or iPad without ever leaving Pinterest (you’ll only see app Pins when you’re using the Pinterest app on your iPhone or iPad).

Check out the App Store’s new profile for a collection of the latest and greatest app Pins. You can also save your favorite apps right from the App Store itself.

Interesting expansion into social media by Apple; interesting that it’s iOS-only on Pinterest’s part.

Update: Jim Lipsey tweets:

Seems like Apple is offloading app discovery to Pinterest, like they did enterprise sales and support to IBM. No more pingsperiments.

Thursday, 12 February 2015