Stephen Foskett: Why the Gold Apple Watch Edition Must Cost $10,000

Stephen Foskett, who writes about watches at Grail Watch:

My prediction is that the 42 mm Apple Watch Edition will retail for $9,999 with the 38 mm Apple Watch Edition retailing for $7,999. This covers the cost of the gold case, the internals, manufacturing, sales, and profit, and yet does not leave Apple subsidizing the world gold market by selling at a discount or cheating with a too-thin or plated case. I will be shocked if the price is $4,999, but I suppose it’s possible with some finagling and if that’s the smaller model. And it will not be any less than that.

This is the perspective of a serious watch guy. I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, but if he’s right — if — there’s no way Edition is going to account for 17 percent of the Apple Watches sold. It still might account for a majority of revenue and profit, but there’s no way one out of five watches they sell will go for $10,000. I’m starting to think the WSJ was smoking the funny stuff when they reported that.

Thursday, 19 February 2015