The Rumor Spiral

Amanda Schupak, writing for CBS News:

Apple is ditching the health tracking functions of the Apple Watch, which is going to start shipping in April.

Why? “They sorta had to,” said CNET senior editor Jeff Bakalar. “Because it’s not working.”

Apple touted a new health and fitness app when they first announced the Apple Watch back in September. Since then it’s remained a highlight of what to expect, and it was evidently still a part of the plan when details of the watch leaked in January.

“They were going for some super groundbreaking and innovative health tracking stuff,” said Bakalar. “Heartbeat tracking, stress monitoring. In their testing it wasn’t filling that sort of void that’s in the market for fitness apps right now.”

This is ridiculous. Nothing has changed about Apple Watch’s health and fitness features since it was announced. They have a web page explaining just which fitness tracking features it has.

Thursday, 19 February 2015