‘Google, Our Patron Saint of the Closed Web’

Drew Crawford, on Google’s attempt to register 100 TLDs for its own use:

Is my conclusion that Apple should get a free pass for hamstringing their web evangelists? No. Get your Safari team a blog, Apple. Let them give a talk at a fucking conference.

My point is that if you think Google is some kind of Patron Saint of the Open Web, shit son. Tim Cook on his best day could not conceive of a dastardly plan like this. This is a methodical, coordinated, long-running and well-planned attack on the open web that comes from the highest levels of Google leadership. And we’re giving Apple a free pass? Pshaw.

I don’t think Google’s desire for these private TLDs is that big a deal. I blame ICANN more than Google. But like Crawford, it’s a never ending curiosity to me why so many people think Google is a champion of “openness”.

Thursday, 5 March 2015