Emotion as the Primary Selling Point

Great piece by Neil Cybart at Above Avalon:

The contrast between the BuzzFeed and The Verge demo videos are noteworthy, demonstrating the much bigger trend in technology: personalization. While there is still demand for videos that go into a gadget’s specs, the momentum is clearly found with videos that simply discuss the emotion behind the product and if it is something worth people’s time to learn more about. Gadgets are becoming extensions of ourselves and that is only intensified with wearables. While some may be interested in the assumptions included in stated battery life claims, many more will be mesmerized by an animated Mickey Mouse watch face.

Incidentally, Apple has been placing emotion ahead of tech specs in its marketing campaigns for a long time. We saw this once again at Monday’s keynote where the takeaway message was to drum up interest in the Watch and not focus on specifications or even how the Digital Crown works. This makes the Apple online store that much more important as a source of information, in addition to brick-and-mortar retail establishments.

Thursday, 12 March 2015