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Tuft & Needle

My thanks to Tuft & Needle for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. Tuft & Needle provides a new way to shop for a mattress that is honest and hassle-free. The Tuft & Needle Mattress is #1 rated on Amazon with over 600 reviews. By cutting out the middlemen, gimmicks, and sales tactics, Tuft & Needle offers an American-made mattress at a revolutionary price point. Their mattresses start at just $350, come with a 10-year warranty, and ship free directly to your door.

No confusing choices, either — their slogan is “One mattress, made perfect. Not too hard, not too soft. Just right. And don’t worry about buying a mattress without having tried it in person, either — Tuft & Needle offers a risk-free 30 night trial.

Friday, 13 March 2015