Apple Watch and the World Wide Web

Paul Canetti:

The point is, if Apple announced a computer with no web browser, or a new version of iOS with no web browser, or I don’t know, a new MacBook with no ports, people would freak out. Like the way they freak out about everything Apple has ever removed ever.

And yet the lack of reaction, or even acknowledgement, that there is no Safari on Apple Watch, leads me to believe that not only is Apple right to not include it, but we are actually ready to accept it: a wearable world with no web browsers.

I disagree with Canetti’s headline — “Apple Watch Doesn’t Have Safari And You Didn’t Even Notice”. I certainly noticed, and I think many others did too. But I didn’t give it much thought, because it made no sense for me for there to be a web browser on a watch-sized display. But now that I think about it, it is interesting — the HTML/CSS/JavaScript web has no place in the wearable world.

Thursday, 19 March 2015