Popcorn Time for iOS, Doesn’t Require Jailbreak

Mic Wright, writing for The Next Web:

While Popcorn Time has been available on Android for some time, it’s now arrived on iOS with an installer that can put the app on non-jailbroken devices. It’s likely that it uses a test key from an enterprise device to achieve that.

If that’s the case, the key could be revoked by Apple, right?

We’ve chosen not to link to the Popcorn Time for iOS installer in this story. It’s only available for Windows currently but the developers say an OS X version will arrive in the next few weeks.

That it’s Windows-only for now is the most surprising thing in this story. You don’t see that much these days. Perhaps this simply says something about the seedy nature of the pirated content community.

Thursday, 9 April 2015