Joanna Stern Reviews the New MacBook

Joanna Stern, writing for the WSJ:

It’s nearly impossible not to be seduced by this MacBook’s beauty, its dazzling screen and perfect trackpad. But don’t give in. Like the original MacBook Air, introduced in 2008, there are too many key compromises — in battery life, speed and port access — for the early-adopter price.

I expect the new MacBook to follow the same path as the Air. Over the next few years, it will improve, and become an affordable, indispensable tool for life in the future. But here, now, in the present day, there are more practical slim, everyday laptop choices.

Again, today, I think the new MacBook is an alternative to an iPad, not a replacement for the MacBook Airs. It’ll definitely replace the Airs in a few short years, but not today.

Thursday, 9 April 2015