Some Say To-May-To

Mike Rundle is not impressed by Apple Watch. He thinks it’s too small:

I was shocked at how small and slight the Apple Watch felt on my wrist. I’m a larger guy (6' and built like a linebacker who retired and got a little fat) and when I tried the 42mm Apple Watch Sport on, I thought it was the 38mm. I thought it was tiny and there was some mistake. It is the smallest watch that’s ever been on my wrist.

And he doesn’t like the leather bands:

I’ll just get right to it: Apple’s leather bands feel terrible. They feel like fake leather. You know how chicken nuggets are made out of that heavily processed pink chicken sludge? That’s what I think Apple does to make their leather bands. They start with real leather from some fancy tannery and then grind and engineer and twist and mold that original, nice leather into something that only has a passing resemblance to leather in the finished product.

I’ve heard this from a few others, particularly regarding the Leather Loop — that it feels not like a leather watch strap but like a magnetic metal watch strap with a thin layer of leather wrapping it. I haven’t spent significant time with any of the leather bands, but I did get to examine the Leather Loop on Nilay Patel’s watch, and my impression was positive.

Monday, 13 April 2015