WWDC 2015: June 8-12, Moscone West

I usually don’t play the “let’s read into the design of the Apple event announcement” game, but damned if the center of this doesn’t look like an Apple TV. And the slogan — “The Epicenter of Change” — would fit with an expanded HomeKit role for Apple TV.

Typographically, most of this is set in Myriad, Apple’s longstanding branding typeface, but the “WWDC 15” appears to be set in San Francisco.

Update: For attendees, it’s a lottery again (and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future — the last time they simply sold passes they sold out in one minute). Interesting, but not surprising: to apply for a student scholarship, you have to submit an app that is at least partially written using Swift.

Update 2, 30 April 2015: As noted by sharp-eyed Kevin Clark, Apple has updated the logo such that “WWDC 15” is now set in Myriad, too. Details. For reference, here’s the original logo set in San Francisco, and here’s the current one set in Myriad.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015