Siracusa Hangs It Up

John Siracusa:

Those who listen to the ATP, the weekly podcast I host with Marco Arment and Casey Liss, know that I’ve been contemplating hanging up my OS X reviewer’s hat for some time now. Producing thousands of words (and hundreds of screenshots) about each major release of OS X was my first real claim to fame on the Internet. The prospect of stopping has made me reconsider my public identity and sense of self. Who am I if I’m not “that guy who writes those OS X reviews”? But when I finally decided, the relief I felt let me know I’d made the right choice.

His collected reviews to date constitute a remarkable body of work. They’re not articles — they’re effectively books, each one written to John’s own impeccably high standards for thoroughness, accuracy, and writing quality. Writing a good book every year, about a moving target, on a tight deadline — that is tough.

But I’m going to miss it. A new release of OS X isn’t going to feel the same without a Siracusa review to go with it.

Thursday, 16 April 2015