Apple’s Antitrust Lord

WSJ editorial excoriating Michael Bromwich, the “outside monitor” appointed by Judge Denise Cote:

To take one example of this feather-bedding, for Feb. 17 Mr. Bromwich charged Apple with a block-billing entry that included “review relevant media articles.” The same day we published an editorial, “All Along the Apple Watchtower,” as well as excerpts from a related appeals-court hearing. When Apple flagged the expense, Mr. Bromwich replied, “We do not charge the time for reading the newspaper except when the WSJ editorials focus specifically on our work.”

We hope we provide value for money, but it’s flattering to be read at Mr. Bromwich’s hourly rate of $1,100, $1,025 for Mr. Nigro, and a 15% “administrative fee” for his consulting firm. The larger conflict of interest inherent in this revenue stream raises questions about the impartiality required of Mr. Bromwich as an officer of the court. He even suggests in his report he may require more than the two-year term that expires in October.

Monday, 27 April 2015