‘The Remarkable Apple Computer’

Jim Edwards, writing for Business Insider:

After Business Insider recently published a charming set of photos taken by Apple’s earliest employees, veteran tech writer Sheila (Clarke) Craven got in touch and sent us this gem from February 1977: “The Remarkable Apple Computer,” a lengthy dissection of Apple’s launch product that Craven wrote after flying to San Francisco and interviewing founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. (Kilobaud eventually went out of business and its founder, Wayne Green, died in 2013.)

Craven says she believes it was the first article ever written about Apple. We checked with Wozniak, and he agrees.”Seems quite the way it was,” Wozniak told us. “The only thing I can note is that we were demonstrating the Apple ][ before we shipped any Apple I’s, so we knew that it was a temporary project.”

(Via Kottke.)

Friday, 8 May 2015