Walt Mossberg Tests the Apple Watch for a Month

Walt Mossberg:

Some commentators have complained that the Apple Watch lacks a “killer app” — the one thing that would make it irresistible to consumers. But I disagree. I think any new device like this becomes attractive when it looks good, works well, and does multiple useful things of different value to different users.

I think the “killer app” problem is a marketing issue. A “killer app” feature can help a new device or platform gain traction, because it makes it easy to write about and talk about. Apple Watch doesn’t have that problem — it’s hard to imagine how it could be getting more attention than it is.

The iPod had a simple “killer app” aspect: a thousand songs in your pocket. Boom. But it took years for the iPod to become a mass market hit, because Apple was in such a different position as a company.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015