Apple Support: ‘If You Forgot the Passcode for Your Apple Watch’

This answers my question yesterday as to whether the ability to reset the watch without entering the passcode is a feature or a bug — it’s a feature, in case you forget the passcode.

I really don’t get the hysteria over this as an invitation to thieves. This is no less secure than every single other wristwatch ever made. Certainly, in the future, there could be an option to require the passcode no matter what, but I’m not persuaded that should be the default.

Update: Remember, with Activation Lock on iPhone, you have to enter your iCloud password. How would you enter that on the watch? And the feature can’t rely on your paired iPhone for entering the password, because what happens if you lose or break your phone? Could be we’re just waiting for Apple to figure that out.

Friday, 15 May 2015