No Women From Original Macintosh Team in Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie?

Megan Smith, chief technology officer for the United States, in an interview with Charlie Rose:

“There are these incredible photographs from the launch of the Macintosh in the 80’s, and the Rolling Stone pictures that were published. The historic record shows this group of 10 people in a pyramid — actually 11, seven men and four women. Every photograph you see with the Mac team has Joanna Hoffman, who was the product manager, a great teammate of Steve Jobs, and Susan Kare who did all the graphics and user interface on the artist side. None of them made it into the Jobs movie. They’re not even cast. And every man in the photographs is in the movie with a speaking role. It’s debilitating to our young women to have their history almost erased.”

She’s misremembering the pyramid photo, slightly. It featured eight men and three women (Susan Kare, Rony Sebok, and Patti Kenyon). Joanna Hoffman wasn’t in the photo — but Smith is exactly right that Hoffman was instrumental to the project. If it’s true that none of these women are in Sorkin’s movie, that’s just criminal.

Update: It’s widely-reported that Kate Winslet plays Hoffman in the film, and the IMDB listing claims Sebok and Kenyon were cast as well.

Via Twitter, Hal O’Brien posits that Megan Smith’s criticism was about the Ashton Kutcher movie, not the upcoming Sorkin one.

Friday, 5 June 2015