Three Takeaways for Web Developers After Two Weeks of Painfully Slow Internet

Gabor Lenard:

When we went to Hungary during the Christmas period last year I bought a 1GB data plan on a prepaid card. However, soon after I went online with my laptop the entire data allowance was used up. Strangely, I wasn’t able to add another data package. Instead, T-Mobile limited my internet access to 32kbps till the end of the month.

Since there was no easy way to fix it and I had nothing critical to do I decided to embrace the situation as an opportunity to understand how it feels to be on a slow network most of the time. I had already started reading the book Responsible Responsive Design at that time anyway so I was curious.

I learned a lot from this first-hand experience. […] Here’s the three most important things that I became aware of during this time as a web developer.

(Via Eric Meyer.)

Thursday, 9 July 2015