Survey Puts Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction at 97 Percent

Sam Oliver, writing for Apple Insider:

Of the more than 800 Apple Watch owners surveyed by Wristly, 31 percent said they were “somewhat satisfied” while 66 percent were “very satisfied/delighted.” In comparison, just 91 percent of iPad buyers and 92 percent of those who picked up first-generation iPhones were satisfied with their purchase.

Casual users seem to be the most at ease with the Apple Watch, as 73 percent of survey respondents who do not work in technology reported being “very satisfied.” That number drops to 63 percent for so-called “tech insiders” and 43 percent for developers.

It’s just one survey, but rating higher than the first-generation iPhone and iPad is a good sign. Also telling: that satisfaction is higher among non-technical users.

Monday, 20 July 2015