Tony Fadell on Apple Watch

Tony Fadell (admitted watch aficionado), in an interesting interview with the BBC:

Tellingly, Mr Fadell reveals he recently started testing Sir Jonathan’s latest product, the Apple Watch, although he was not wearing it at the time of interview.

“I’ve had mine for about two weeks now,” he says.

“I think they did a tremendous job on the hardware components of it. They are trying many different things with that platform - some are going to be great, and some are not.”

Consider the difference between “I think they did a tremendous job” versus “I think they did a tremendous job on the hardware”.

Update, 3 August 2015: Leo Kelion from the BBC emailed me with some additional context. Immediately after saying the above, Fadell continued:

“The same thing happened with the iPhone. If we go back in history when the iPhone first shipped there were a few things that weren’t so right about it. But the second version, the third version started dialing in the right amount of each of those pieces and it really, you know, hit the ground running. So, I hope and I would fully assume they will do the same thing with the Watch as well.”

Clearly, I was wrong to read Fadell’s comments as a backhanded gibe at Apple Watch’s software.

Saturday, 25 July 2015