Windows 10 Leaps Ahead of OS X and iOS

Drew Olanoff, writing for TechCrunch:

As a heavy Apple user, I can’t tell you most of what is in Windows 10, but I can tell you that it now has a pretty awesome feature that I would use the shit out of: the middle finger emoji (and some other new ones, too). In my opinion, it’s quite revolutionary.

My pal Paul Kafasis has been on this case since last year, and I share his concern that Apple is falling behind in the emoji middle-finger race. He even filed a radar.

(Also interesting: Microsoft’s choice of gray for skin-tone-neutral emoji. I don’t like the yellow that Apple is using for neutral, but I’m not sure gray is better — they look like zombies to me. If you’re going to go with gray, perhaps the neutral emoji should be entirely grayscale, including hair and clothing?)

Friday, 31 July 2015