Apple Pay, Google Wallet Now Accepted at Rite Aid

Speaking of CurrentC, one of their members has changed course:

Apple Pay and Google Wallet are once again welcome at Rite Aid stores.

The pharmacy chain announced on Tuesday that all of its almost 4,600 stores in the US will start accepting mobile payments as of August 15, including Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Further, the company will also accept Google’s upcoming Android Pay. Rite Aid added that its stores will also support tap and pay credit and debit cards.

I saw a bunch of headlines today describing CurrentC as a rival to Apple Pay, but that’s not right. Apple Pay isn’t exclusive — part of its appeal to retailers is that it works with the same NFC terminals that work with Google Wallet and whatever else. Retailers that work with Apple Pay aren’t locking out other platforms.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015