Google, HTC Vets Prep ‘Friggin’ Awesome’ Smartphone for September 1 Launch

Roger Cheng, reporting for CNet:

Nextbit, which began life as a secretive software startup focused on a cloud-based tool that allowed you to move files and settings between Android devices, has shifted gears into hardware and intends to launch its own smartphone. The company, which boasts Google Ventures as a backer, Android veterans Tom Moss and Mike Chan and former HTC design chief Scott Croyle, plans to unveil its smartphone on September 1, Moss said in an interview.

“It’s going to be friggin’ awesome,” said Moss, the chief executive of Nextbit.

Good luck with that.

I toss that line out sarcastically every few weeks, but this time I mean it both ways. I really do hope they shake up the phone market and succeed. But I think their chances are between slim and none.

Monday, 17 August 2015