For Meetings

My thanks to For Meetings for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. For Meetings is, well, an iPad app for use in meetings: recording meeting notes, agenda items, actions, attendees, and more. It’s an unusual name, but after thinking about it, it’s kind of genius in its aptness.1 If you read about For Meetings here in this post on DF today, but then try to remember the name of it a few weeks from now when you find the need for it, you will recall it just by asking yourself “What was that iPad app for meetings?”

Creating and publishing official “meeting minutes” seems like a total pain-in-the-ass, and For Meetings is entirely focused on reducing the friction and drudgery involved. It makes great use of the iPad’s larger screen — it’s the sort of app and use case that the purported upcoming iPad Pro is targeting. This is about using an iPad as a serious business tool. Structure content using bullet points and numbered lists. Visualize attendees, apologies, and absentees. Use tags to organize your meetings.

Find out more (and watch a demo video) at their website, or download it — for free — from the App Store.

  1. They style the app’s name “for Meetings”, with a lowercase leading “f”. DF house style is to title case all proper names, with a handful of exceptions for prefixes like Apple’s iNames↩︎

Saturday, 5 September 2015