NYT: ‘Enabling of Ad Blocking in Apple’s iOS 9 Prompts Backlash’

Katie Benner and Sydney Ember, reporting for the NYT:

The potential toll of ad blocking has become particularly apparent over the last few days, when several website publishers got caught in the dragnet after Apple enabled ad-blocking apps. John Gruber, a technology blogger who publishes on his site Daring Fireball, posted on Twitter that “it’s wrong” if an ad blocker stops all types of ads.

“The ad network I’m a part of, The Deck, only serves ads that are fast to load and don’t track you,” Mr. Gruber said. “In my opinion, they’re good-looking ads for high-quality products and services. Why block that?”

If you want to block all advertising, I don’t understand you, but I won’t argue with you either. No one’s going to stop you. But most people just want to block garbage — privacy-invasive trackers, JavaScript that slows our devices and drains our batteries, obtrusive ads that cover the content we’re trying to read.

Are we fighting ads, or are we fighting garbage?

Saturday, 19 September 2015