Two-Week-Old Claim Chowder: ‘Top Analyst: Early Apple iPhone 6S Sales Are Weak’

CNBC report from two weeks ago:

Early evidence is suggesting demand for the iPhone 6S may be meaningfully lower than last year’s model, according to a top-ranked technology analyst.

Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest wrote a provocative note to clients on Wednesday evening showing Google search volume, device shipments availability, third-party surveys and a lack of quantitative statements from Apple and the wireless carriers all point to weak iPhone demand.

Hargreaves is one of the top analysts on Wall Street.

Apple today announced that iPhone 6S sales were up about 30 percent over last year.

Device shipment availability is obviously related to consumer demand, but it’s also a measure of Apple’s production. It might be the case that opening weekend demand wasn’t that much stronger this year versus last — but merely that Apple was able to produce more of them for opening weekend availability.

Monday, 28 September 2015