Tim Cook Announces New ‘Restricted Stock Units’ Program for Apple Employees

Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac:

Apple today announced a significant new initiative internally for employees that “effectively [makes] everyone who works for Apple eligible for an RSU grant.” RSU grants, or Restricted Stock Units, have typically been reserved for top Apple management and product engineering roles as a way to retain employee talent for long periods of time. For example, Apple CEO Tim Cook was granted 1 million shares in 2011, following the succession of Steve Jobs, that will vest over time through 2021. According to an email from Cook to all employees today, a similar plan, with obviously much smaller amounts of shares, is now starting.

Apple’s biggest problem: retention of talent. This is clearly aimed at that problem.

The Wall Street Journal has the story as well, and credits “website 9to5mac.com” with the scoop. Why call them by URL rather than by name? Would anyone call the Journal “the website wsj.com”?

Thursday, 15 October 2015