Only 5 Percent of Mac Users at IBM Need Help Desk Support, Compared to 40 Percent of PC Users

Neil Hughes, writing for AppleInsider:

Speaking to more than a thousand Apple IT administrators was Fletcher Previn, vice president of Workplace-as-a-Service at IBM. Big Blue began offering employees the ability to use a Mac at work starting on June 1, and adoption has been a tremendous success.

Previn revealed that IBM is now deploying 1,900 Macs per week, and there are currently 130,000 iOS and Mac devices at use within the company. All of these devices are supported by just 24 help desk staff members.

Further, Previn revealed that just 5 percent of Mac users call IBM’s internal help desk for assistance, compared to 40 percent of PC users.

I felt a great disturbance in the Force. As if millions of voices suddenly cried out, “We’ve been telling you this for 30 years!”

Update: Some additional notes, taken by an attendee of the event.

Thursday, 15 October 2015