The Strange Saga of ‘Steve Jobs’

Stephen Galloway reports for The Hollywood Reporter on the making of Universal’s Steve Jobs:

While Apple has maintained a distance from the film — which acknowledges Jobs’ brilliance while painting an unflattering portrait of his personal relationships — Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs, 51, actively tried to obstruct it. “They haven’t helped,” says Boyle of her and Cook. “There’s been some tough moments. I’m not going to go into them.”

Says another of the picture’s key players, “Since the very beginning, Laurene Jobs has been trying to kill this movie, OK?” (Laurene’s character does not figure in the film, while Jobs’ daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, from another relationship, plays a prominent part.) “Laurene Jobs called Leo DiCaprio and said, ‘Don’t do it.’ Laurene Jobs called Christian Bale and said, ‘Don’t [do it].’ “

Reps for Bale and DiCaprio were unable to verify that, and Laurene Jobs did not return calls. A Sony executive confirms, however, that: “She reached out; she had a strong desire not to have the movie made. But we said, ‘We’re going to move forward.’ My understanding is, she did call one or two of the actors.” Another source says that Laurene lobbied each major studio in an attempt to kill the project.

Having seen the movie, I can see why. It’s not really about Steve Jobs at all — it’s an engaging story about a Steve Jobs-like figure and his estranged daughter.

Monday, 19 October 2015