Christina Warren’s Apple TV Review

Speaking of Christina Warren, here’s her review of the new Apple TV:

Now, let’s be clear — this whole talking to the TV thing isn’t new. Amazon did it first with the Fire TV more than 18 months ago.

But what makes the Apple approach different is, out of the box, Siri works with more than just iTunes. It works with Hulu, HBO (Go and Now), Showtime (and Showtime Anytime) and Netflix — with more support coming soon. […]

The Siri search function that works across apps also means that when you search for content that is available on more than one source, you can choose the source you want to use.

If I search for Scandal, I’ll see the episodes available on Netflix (Seasons 1 through 4), the stuff available on Hulu (Season 5) and the stuff on iTunes. Again, because this works out of the box with the major content sources, this instantly makes finding what you want to watch way easier.

We’ll all take it for granted soon, but right now, it just feels fun to search for things on Apple TV. What’s nice is that the search results prioritize “free” — if you can watch a movie or show without paying anything more, that will be the first option.

Friday, 30 October 2015