PowerPhotos 1.1

Remember the app iPhoto Library Manager — a Mac utility that let iPhoto users split their photo collections across multiple iPhoto libraries? The company behind it, Fat Cat Software, has a sequel called PowerPhotos, which fills a similar role for the new Photos for Mac. It lets you do things like split a large library into multiple smaller ones (e.g. one for MacBook’s internal SSD, and an “archive” library you store on an external hard drive) or take multiple smaller libraries and merge them into one single library.

Here’s Glenn Fleishman’s take on PowerPhotos 1.0 from back in August. (Not a bad app icon, either.)

Update: It occurs to me that PowerPhotos is also exactly the sort of utility that couldn’t exist for iOS, and couldn’t go through the Mac App Store. That’s not to say I think this sort of thing should be possible on iOS — only that this is why I continue to love the Mac.

Friday, 20 November 2015