Ballmer Chides Microsoft Over Cloud Revenue Disclosures

Bloomberg reporter Dina Bass apparently got to attend Microsoft’s shareholder meeting with Steve Ballmer:

Microsoft reports an annualized revenue run rate — or sales at a certain point in time carried out to a yearly rate — for its commercial cloud business and has said it is aiming to reach $20 billion on that basis by 2018. Ballmer, who handed the reins to Satya Nadella in 2014, derided the use of run rate as “bullshit.” […]

“We enjoy a regular dialogue with Steve, and welcome his input and feedback, as we do from our other investors.” said Chris Suh, Microsoft’s general manager for investor relations.

Translation: “We wish Steve would stick to basketball.”

Me, I’m enjoying this post-Microsoft Steve Ballmer. Satya Nadella probably isn’t enjoying him as much.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015