iOS 9.2 Allows iPhone to Import Photos From External Cameras and SD Cards

Michael Zhang, writing for PetaPixel:

Apple is rolling out iOS 9.2 today, and among a host of minor features and fixes is new iPhone support for Apple’s Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. This means you can now connect your camera to your iPhone and import photos directly without having to use a computer as the middleman.

The feature should be a boon for Instagram users who prefer to shoot photos with a dedicated camera before sharing them on the service. After connecting the adapter to your iPhone and connecting your camera to the adapter using a USB cable, your iPhone will open up its Photos app and allow you to choose which photos (JPEG or RAW) and videos you’d like to import.

It also works with the Lighting to SD Card Reader. I’ve long been curious why the iPhone didn’t support these.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015