Reddit ‘Ask Us Anything’ With Google Pixel C Team Goes Awry

Not sure who at Google thought this would be a good idea. Brutal.

Some strong feelings about devices that don’t allow for storage expansion with SD cards as well. I understand the mindset there — there’s a certain type of person who believes everything should, in a moral sense, be priced near the cost of goods. And clearly the cost of goods for 32 vs. 64 GB of storage is not even close to $100. But the passion some of these people express about this is eye opening. With PCs, these sorts of people can get what they want by building their own systems. That doesn’t work with phones and tablets (and to some degree, laptops), where everything needs to be tightly integrated and intricately assembled. These sort of people have never been fans of Apple, but in the old days, they had alternatives. Now that the entire industry is moving toward Apple-style devices, their frustration is palpable.

Thursday, 10 December 2015