Ad Age on Tor Myhren Joining Apple

Ann-Christine Diaz, reporting for Ad Age:

Mr. Myhren is a creative leader who accomplished what other top execs have attempted yet failed to do: transform a once-stodgy and sluggish big shop into one of advertising’s most creative companies. During his time at Grey, the agency delivered ETrade’s talking baby and a stream of hits for DirecTV, including the “Cable Effects” campaign that President Bill Clinton cited as his favorite advertising, as well as the more recent spots starring Rob Lowe and his bizarre doppelgangers.

Ad Age named Grey its Agency of the Year in 2014. So it seems his new post will be fitting for Apple, a company that has been negotiating how to handle its advertising and marketing going forward following the passing of its founder Steve Jobs.

Seems like a good hire. (Just me, or is he a dead ringer for Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner?)

Thursday, 17 December 2015